Off-leash, indoor play area


I can ensure that your pet will have time outside as well running or walking around the mall. It will be hard to stop their tails from wagging with all the fun they’ll be having inside and outside. We provide activities to give ample opportunities for exercise, which help curb bad habits by giving pets a chance to release excess energy and socialize with other animals.


Learning to Improve


Does your pet need potty or leash training? Do they have trouble with follow certain commands? Nana Doggie Day Care is a great place to relearn skills that was forgotten or train new skills that have been set aside. As we spend more time with them, we can work with your pet to learn a few basic commands, which can be helpful when tackling problem behaviors. We will take time and make the process easy and comfortable. Some simple commands can help keep your pet safer and improve your communication with them.

One on One Time


Does your pet need more personalized attention? Do they have trouble getting along with others? Dog Day Care is a great option for those cuddly buddies who can get a bit defensive around others. As we spend more time inside and outside with them, your pet will become more comfortable with being around other animals.

Full Grooming Service


Have little time to groom your pet? Nana Doggie Grooming offers varies grooming services: full grooming to just part trim, Pompom Leg, Summer Cut and Scissors only cut. Price starts at $45 and up for full grooming and $30 and up for bath only service. Check out our online booking section for breed specific price.

Our groomer has over 15 years of grooming and some knowledge on show dog grooming and walk training. Please consult us if you are interested in show dog grooming and training.